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Vedicinals 9 Special Offer

3 Boxes (42 bottles) of Vedicinals- 9 (Including Shipping)


Very special offer, for the month of August only! OR AS LONG AS THE CURRENT STOCK LASTS!
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42 days (42 bottles) of Vedicinals 9 nutraceutical supply for only $95!
(Including Shipping and PayPal fees.)

42 bottles of vedicinals9, each 50ml
3,5 kg / 7,7 lbs
Size of box (cm):
27 x 23 x 11
Shelf Life:
End of November 2022

Note: Please buy only if you intend to use this formulation before End of November 2022.
A newly produced batch will be available for Sale from November 2022 with Regular (non-discounted) prices.

No refund / return possible with this promotional offer

We are currently sending our product into the regions of: EU, US, UAE, CAN, UK, AUS & NZ.
The average delivery time is less than 7 days.
Currently it is not possible for us to ship to Mexico, Spain, Croatia, Pakistan, Greek or Austria.

In various countries the customs authorities charge VAT and/or import duty.